Sunday, January 31, 2016

How To Order On This Site

I. The Basics
         If you want to order any jewelry from OUR JEWELRY MENU, post it in the comments section. On the first line, type in the word ORDER. this will tell us that this is an order, not just a normal comment. Then on the next line, write the type of jewelry you want to buy (e.g., bracelet, necklace, turtle bead, etc). Then type a space, the - symbol, and another space. After that, enter the top 3 colors you want(e.g., 1. green, 2. blue, 3. purple). Necklaces, bracelets, turtle beads, and rings will have different colors on one item, so just type in the colors you want. The earrings will have a theme color. If you just want one and not care about the color, type "random". If you just want a theme, like "blues" or "happy" or "natural," type that theme in. Place a : symbol, a space, and then the quantity. This is a full example when ordering multiple types:

Necklace - 1. Pink, 2. Purple, 3. Orange: 3
Origami Crane Earrings - random: 2 sets
Origami Crane Earrings - Fall: 1 set

II. How to Get the Items You Ordered
           We don't ship(or, I'd rather say, we can't) so we can't have orders outside of Bloomington, Indiana. We also can't do door-to-door delivery since we have school and all those time-consuming stuff. So, I/we decide a meeting place like at a park or school. I will decide where we'll meet by getting your address, searching where it is on Maps, and finding the closest park or meeting place to our houses. If either of us can't go, I'll search somewhere else until both of us can go there. My email is here so if you don't want to make your address public, you can email it to me. I'll only use it for the project. Then I will think of a time that I don't have anything to do that's mandatory. I will first think of a day that I don't have that much homework, like Sundays. Saturdays are not available because I have Japanese School and it is at Orchard School, which is 1 hour and 30 minutes away. I also can't go after I come back from JS because I am completely drained after school. That's why my first choice will always be Sunday☺︎. Then I will choose the time(same way as the day I go).


Me: Address?                                            Me: Day?
You: (insert here)                                      You: Sunday.
Me: How about ~~~ park?                        Me: Ok.
You: Can't go.                                           Me: 1:30?
Me: How about `````park?                        You: No, but how about 2:00?
You: I can go.                                           Me: I'm fine with that \(>w<)/
                                                                  Me: So `````park, Sunday at 2:00.
                                                                 You: See you then! :)

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